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Nowadays, the ever-changing financial environment is higly interrelated with global conditions. These conditions create uncertainty and make investments one of the most important needs, not only for your financial security, but also for the security of those who depend on you. When starting up an investment, you create an additional income and contribute to your family's financial prosperity. Furthermore, you accumulate money to attain short-term goals (e.g. buy a car), but also for more substantial needs such as your children’s education, your pension, paying inheritance and other taxes, buying property assets for your family and/or your business (purchase of a house or business premises etc.). Through Unit Linked insurance plans and a comprehensive range of Mutual Funds, the INTERAMERICAN Group allows you to protect yourself and develop your capital and generate income with safety and flexibility.

Capital: Savings & Investment Systemd



Capital SAVE
With Capital SAVE you can create a chapter for your children's studies or your retirement. 

Capital INVEST
The Capital INVEST is a selection of extremely high quality. Capital INVEST offers top investment choices of the most reputable international companies abroad, such as BlackRock, the JP Morgan, the Pictet, the Pioneer and the Eurobank, Piraeus and AlphaTrust, in Greece. The Capital INVEST is designed to the most stringent quality standards, meets the demands of the most experienced investors and provides great flexibility in how and where you can invest your money 

Capital system works in 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Defining needs and Investor's risk profile
  • Step 2: Defining objectives and savings amount
  • Step 3: Selection of investment portfolio
  • Step 4: Online daily information and monitoring of investment

Mutual Funds 
The current investment environment is complex and unpredictable. Opportunities multiply each day, but surprises follow one another. INTERAMERICAN’s Mutual Funds is a family of comprehensive investment products which can meet your wide range of needs and expectations in the best possible way, allowing you easy access to profit opportunities that appear in global financial markets, in both Greece and abroad. INTERAMERICAN offers the following fund categories:

  • Money Market Funds
  • Bond Funds
  • Balanced and Equity Funds
  • Special Purpose Funds




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