Sunday, 24 June 2018
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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2013

The Social Responsibility Report of INTERAMERICAN was completed according to the GRI – G3.1 standard and achieved the optimal index coverage performance (153 fully and one partially), which corresponds – according to the external evaluation report – to an A+ level of application of the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines in the publication. The 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact (GC Advanced self-assessment level) have been incorporated in the report, as well as the entire spectrum of the Company's operations.

This report, the sixth consecutive annual publication of INTERAMERICAN, focuses on the substantial issues of the Company on the basis of materiality analysis. The topics of the Report concern human resources, the Company's relationship with the market and with customers, corporate governance and economy, social contribution and environmental protection.

Aiming at maximising the effectiveness of its initiatives in all the aforementioned sectors and at fully incorporating Responsibility in its company strategy, INTERAMERICAN is basing the development of its actions on the Principles of Inclusiveness, Materiality, a Sustainability Framework and Comprehensiveness.



CSR Report 2013

Click to download the Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2013 (greek version). 



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