Saturday, 25 April 2015
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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2010

This is the third Corporate Social Responsibility Report that INTERAMERICAN has published. In this report, INTERAMERICAN expresses its focus and consistency in regard to the commitments it has made as well as the responsibilities it has assumed towards all its stakeholders: shareholders, policyholders, employees, associates and the society at large. 

The report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative and the internationally acknowledged reference standard. Thus, we are able to weigh the fullness and the reliability of the information contained in the Report and of course, its usefulness as a means for dialogue between the Company and its participants. In the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, valid evaluations demonstrate impressive progress in the preparation of the Report, placing it among the most comprehensive reports in the Greek business world.

In this Report and particularly under the chapters of CSR, Corporate Governance, Market, Human Resources, Environment and Society, you can read about the initiatives and actions that confirm the incorporation of Social Responsibility in INTERAMERICAN's corporate strategy and the consolidation of the idea within the business community.

We await your opinion on the Report (see last page) with interest, hoping it will contribute towards its further improvement.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2010Click to download the Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2010 (PDF: 3,7MB)

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