Tuesday, 24 April 2018
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Professional liability

The legal definition of the term Third Party Liability means bodilyinjury and/or material damage caused to a third party as a result of action or inaction, or negligence, and which injury and/or damage must be remedied. The general and wider scope of this definition does not clearly delimitate the claims that each such third party may make against the party that caused such injury and/ or damage.

INTERAMERICAN is a pioneer in this area with a number of plans and insurance packages that are in line with contemporary social and business requirements. By choosing the appropriate plan, you will have a piece of mind that you will be offered a service mechanism which quickly activates procedures and provides immediate compensation. However, it should be stressed that no coverage is provided for intentional actions. Therefore, Third Party Liability policies only provide for compensation regarding bodily injury or material damages caused to third parties by your action or inaction that has resulted from negligence.

INTERAMERICAN offers a wide range of Third Party Liability plans:

  • Professional Liability Insurance (Physicians, Pharmacists, Technicians, Lawyers, Civil Engineers/Architects, Tour Operators, Accountants, e.t.c.)
  • General Liability Insurance (Garages, Parking Stations, Hotels, Camping, Offices, Restaurants, Recreation Halls, Cinemas, Theatres, Malls Third Party Liability plans, e.t.c.)
  • Employer Liability Insurance
  • Product Liability Insurance

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