Sunday, 1 February 2015
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Our values

Value Orientated
  • Our focus is on increasing the value for each of our Stakeholders and continuously improving our performance in each area of our business.
Performance through people
  • We believe in a performance and profit orientated culture where there is clear accountability and where success is rewarded appropriately and underperformanced is managed.
Easy To Do Business With
  • Our customers and distributors are at the heart of our business; we constantly strive for ways to improve the overall sales and service we deliver, thus ensuring we retain the customer and encourage repeat purchases.
Open, Fair and Trustworthy
  • We believe in being open and transparent in what we do, and in showing mutual fairness and trust. If we treat people in this way, then we can create a win/win trusting relationship.
  • It is through working as a tight and cohesive team that we can achieve maximum impact. We strive to encourage teamwork in all areas of our business.
  • We want to be professional in everything we do; how we look; how we interact with customers and staff; making sure we deliver high quality work, accurately and on time, and show that we do not tolerate consistent mistakes.