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Corporate history and innovation: 40 years of security!

1969Mr. D. Kontominas and Mr. A. Tambouras found INTERAMERICAN as a Limited Liability Company
1971The Company is converted into a Societe Anonyme
1974Establishment of INTERAMERICAN Property & Casualty
1988Entry into the Mutual Funds market with the establishment of INTERTRUST, the first private and non-bank company to manage Mutual Funds in Greece
1991 - 1993Entry into the field of Emergency Medical Assistance and Road Assistance with the establishment of INTERAMERICAN Assistance and INTERAMERICAN Road Assistance companies. Entry into the credit card market with the creation of INTERAMERICAN Cards
1996 - 1998Establishment of the Athens Euroclinic marks the beginning of the provision of integrated secondary health services
1999INTERAMERICAN is listed on the Greek Stock Exchange. MEGATRUST Securities company is founded
2000Co-operation with the Portuguese BCP bank (Banco Comercial Portugues) and joint creation of NOVABANK (INTERAMERICAN becomes a shareholder of the bank)
2001INTERAMERICAN integrates with EUREKO; its stocks are removed from the Athens Exchange index
2001 - 2003Further expansion of health and hospitalisation services with the addition of two new clinics (the Children's Euroclinic and the Athinaiki Clinic), and creation of Medifirst, a Group Practice providing primary health services
2004Ownership of INTERTRUST is transferred from EUREKO to Eurobank and EFG A. E.D.A.K. assumes management of INTERAMERICAN Mutual
Funds. Mr George Kotsalos becomes CEO of the INTERAMERICAN Group in December of the same year
2005Mr. Adrian Hegarty succeeds Mr. Dimitris Kontominas as President of the INTERAMERICAN Group
2006Creation of direct insurance brand Anytime
2007Establishment of the companies INTERAMERICAN Finance and ANYRISK. Transfer of 75% of Medicom Systems company stock to EUREKO
2008Conclusion of the sale of Athens Euroclinic and Children's Euroclinic 
2012EUREKO was renamed to ACHMEA.

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